Family is everything! – We love exploring as a family, and having raised our kids on the Northwest Coast, we especially love everything about the ocean shore from tide-pools to blowholes & hidden caves.

IMG_20180806_134919117_HDRWe created stories for our adventures one of which was the Stowaway Starfish.  As the story unfolded we designed our own ride along magnetic rubber sea stars to join us on our trips.Mt-St-Helens-Stowaway.png

Having driven thousands of miles with a Stowaway riding on the car, folks kept asking what it was and where they could get one.  So we decided to share the story & character toys with others as “Stowaway Explorers” Discovering the world while riding on the family car.

FB SQ GSL Sea Stars 2

As a family we’re excited to share Stowaway Adventures!

StowawayTransparent01 (1)

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